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We provide completed construction services. We are experts in the individual Stormwater Management Systems and Padep BMP! From deep hole testing and infiltration, stormwater management, erosion control, architecture and hardscaping designs, retaining systems, structural assements and inspection.

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Since our inception in 1993 we have been specializing in the individual construction permit process. We have successfully prepared thousands of permits across over forty Townships in three States. Under the new regulations we have prepared 50 plans already in this year alone.

Twenty years ago the permit process was little more than an erosion control plan. Things have changed with the aggressive implementation of the ACT 167, MS4 as it relates to stormwater management. After years of neglect it was time to gain control over the persistent flooding created by years of lack of attention to construction. You will near those two acronyms often. Act 167 was implemented by the Department of Emvironmental Protection (EPA) and FEMA. MS4 permits were developed around a general PADEP boiler plate specification. The MS4 varies greatly across Townships and Counties.

What this means to all of us in the industry is we must make efforts to reduce stormwater runoff from past and future development.

These regulations are difficult to understand. Many townships have created their own methods in the stormwater permit (MS4). Also being in this aggressive economic environment time and cost is our edge! We not only must become educated ourselves, but we must educate the consumer!

Our clients are at a disadvantage to negotiate a contract without addressing the new stormwater management procedures. Further. with a consumer who is not familiar with the regulations, can easily be mislead by a contractor, who is not following the code. Either unintentionally or intentionally, prepares a proposal without consideration for stormater management. Comes in with a much lower bid and is awarded the contract only to impose extras onto the homeowner. We hear this all the time when a homeowner ask us, if the stormwater management is necessary.

We prepare over 250 permits per year! Erosion and Sedimentation plans, Lines and Grades Plans, Infiltration Studies and Stormwater Management Systems.

Follow this link for a copy of the Best Management Practices "BMP" manual. It is rather long but it is not too difficult to interpret. However, if you don't have the hours to review this manual give me a call.

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